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Blundstone 587 - Men's Women's Shoes - Rustic Black - Black

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Blundstone boots come from Tasmania - an Australian island with red soil, mostly covered with forests. They were designed for people who walk a lot and work outdoors.

And this is basically the mission of the Blundstone brand - to keep moving forward.

Blundstone shoes are a friend for life. They won't disappoint you after one, two or five seasons. These are durable, strong and universal shoes. They are perfect for mushroom picking, a rainy walk with the dog, or just for everyday use in the city.

  • Blundstone #587 shoes feature double stitching, durable thick leather and a durable outsole that absorbs up to 90% of walking impacts
  • You can recognize Blundstone Chelsea boots by their distinctive logo labels - not only do they look super cool, but they also make putting the shoes on much easier.
  • The outer leather is natural nubuck , impregnated to achieve maximum water resistance (waterproof)
  • In model #587, the inside of the shoes is also lined with grain leather
  • They are light and very comfortable , intended for everyday wear

Blundstone sizing is standard - choose the size you usually wear.