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Blundstone 1912 - Women's Men's Chelsea Boots - Suede - Navy - Navy Blue

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Blundstone Chelsea boots are shoes that were initially designed for people who spend most of their time outdoors. These are shoes for walkers - people who walk a lot and are constantly on the move.

And this is basically the brand's mission Blundstone - to never stop, just keep moving forward.

Blundstone shoes is a friend for life. You could imagine that these shoes will be with you during the most important events in your life: conquering the first peak, hiking a beautiful trail, music Festival favorite artists, and even a wedding (that's right, getting married in... Blundstone it's also quite popular in the USA!). They won't let you down during everyday events either - they won't get wet rainy walking the dog, they won't tire their legs picking mushrooms or anything else city ​​route.

Blundstone sizing is standard - choose the size you usually wear.