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Emu Australia - Women's Shoes - Stinger Micro Camel - Brown

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Soft, warm and ultra-comfortable - these are the EMU Australia Stinger Micro shoes in camel color. A little lighter than the Chestnut model, they will perfectly match camel-beige coats and styles.

EMU Australia boots are made of sheepskin, which is a natural material, which means it is breathable and adapts to the temperature. The sheepskin coat works like a hot water bottle - it will warm your feet at temperatures reaching even -30 degrees Celsius.

Due to its thermoregulatory properties , the EMU Australia sheepskin coat is also suitable for wearing in autumn at higher temperatures. The thing about wool is that it cools you when it's warmer and warms you when it's colder.

Model EMU Australia Stinger Micro is moisture and splash resistant, but not waterproof. Suitable for frost or snowless and rainless days throughout the autumn and winter season. It is light, super soft on the inside and extremely comfortable - some people like to wear it on bare feet because wool does not overheat and does not make feet sweat.

The sole is made of EVA foam (provides lightness and flexibility), finished on the outside with a rubber tread with channels that drain water to the outside and ensure stability.

The shoes are sewn with double seams and have a stiffened heel.

The EMU Australia Stinger Micro sheepskin coat has been factory impregnated, so it will be easy to clean. To maintain their beautiful appearance as long as possible, take care of them by inserting stuffers or shoe trees inside.

Standard sizing.