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By Veja

Veja Venturi - Women's Sneakers - Suede Mud Parme Multico - Brown

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VEJA Venturi Suede is made entirely of cowhide, previously brushed to make it softer and more flexible.

The leather comes from local farms in the south of Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul). It is tanned in Brazil without the use of harmful or prohibited chemicals.

Rubber for the production of soles is obtained from the Amazon Forest, providing work for the local inhabitants.

During the leather tanning process, special attention is paid to water consumption. The VEJA Venturi Suede is also coated with PFC-free waterproofing oils to protect the sneakers from moderate rain.

Suede is certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG). It is a global multi-stakeholder community committed to building a sustainable future through responsible leather. It is a non-profit organization that promotes best practices and positive social and environmental change for responsible leather production.

Upper: Suede
Panels: Suede
V Logo: Amazon Gum (26%)
Insole: Amazon rubber (12%), sugar cane (42%), recycled polyester (23%) and others (12%)
Midsole: EVA* made of 38% sugar cane and 47% other materials
Outer sole: Amazon rubber (31%), silica (31%), synthetic rubber (19%) and others (19%)
Lining: Tech (100% recycled polyester)
Shoelaces: Recycled polyester (100%)
Back loop: Recycled polyester (100%)

Made in Brazil.